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The Aphasia Impact Questionnaire  


The Aphasia Impact Questionnaire

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The Aphasia Impact Questionnaire-21 is a tool to measure and explore the impact of acquiring and living with aphasia.  This site enables professionals to view and download the Aphasia Impact Questionnaire 21.  

It’s good to have a chance to say what you feel
— Person with aphasia
Images to me are easier to enjoy...all of us have funny papers and’s just something...lighter.
— Person with aphasia
I love the thing about this is how short the questions uses less words and better terms
— person with aphasia

about the author


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Kate Swinburn

Honorary lecturer at University College London

Fellow of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists (2012)

PhD (2006)

Published the Communication Disability Profile (2006)

Published the Comprehensive Aphasia Test (2004)

10 years at Connect - the communication disability network; writing & delivering training, writing & editing publications, advocating for people with aphasia in national policy arenas

15 years as a clinician, specialising in acquired neurology, in all sectors of the NHS; acute, rehab, community settings

Trained as a Speech & Language Therapist in the UK

Graduated from Cambridge University



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