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Swinburn, Pearce-Willis, Smith, Cruice, Best, Beeke, Gander, Sweeney, McVicker (2015) Poster presentation @ BAS conference: Introducing the AIQ-21

Hejsel & Holmgaard (2015) Poster presentation @ 5th Nordic conference:  Can the AIQ support goal setting?

Swinburn, McVicker & Cruice (2013) Poster presentation @ BAS RUM: Introducing the AIQ & its use in the community

 Cruice & Swinburn (2012) Poster presentation @ IARC: Patients' perspectives of AIQ

Chue, Rose & Swinburn (2010) Aphasiology article: Reliability of the CDP

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Keynote & workshop presentation

10th National Congress of SLTs Association ISTANBUL April-May 2019

Thank you to Evra Gunhan and the organising committee for inviting me to present at the conference above.

the AIQ-21 article published onine

A concise patient reported outcome measure for people with aphasia: the aphasia impact questionnaire 21  (doi: 10.1080/02687038.2018.1517406)

Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists Final Report 2013-2017 Read all about the 14 international adaptions of the Comprehensive Aphasia Test