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AIQ-21 online! Making plans ...

I’ve just had a very interesting talk with a fab web designer (who works with the Functional Imaging Laboratory, Queen Square, London). We are hatching plans to make the AIQ-21 available as an interactive online resource. We plan for it to be available for therapists and researchers to complete with people with aphasia via a keyboard, paper scoresheet or touchscreen. Ultimately, our plan is that you complete the AIQ with your client, and we send you a report with theri results. We hope you can take the AIQ with you in your computer or tablet. We hope you can be paperless (!) We hope that you will be able to compare results for each client over time. And maybe we can gather large datasets if you are interested in contributing (and we get GDPR sorted out - a European data security regulation).

We’re sorting out pilot sites and report generation. Hope to be piloting an alpha version of the online AIQ-21 in the first quarter of January 2019.

Do let me know what you think of the idea of an online AIQ-21

Kate SwinburnComment